What is StayWhole?

StayWhole is a non-profit foundation that focuses on bringing a new light to mental health awareness in the community, creatives and athletes of all levels. More often than not, mental health is seen as harsh statistics and negative headlines in mainstream society. However, as an organization focused on the person’s well-being, we teach individuals how to manage their mental capacity, emotions and daily stress. 

We believe that everyone is impacted by mental health and we hope to teach individuals how to manage his or her mental capacity, emotions and stress.

Our Mission

Unlike many organizations, StayWhole emphasizes preventive tactics that will help from reaching a dark place as opposed to waiting until after an individual has reached a breaking point. StayWhole strives to be proactive through the journey of self-awareness to help others better themselves by providing information about mental health and its many components: stress, anxiety, self-esteem, physical, spiritual, and illnesses.



Our Vision

Everyday life contributes to your well-being; therefore, you do not have to have and or be diagnosed with a mental illness to be impacted by mental health. Knowing that every mind is different, StayWhole's approach to solutions also operate accordingly. We inspire to impact the community and athletic programs by hosting events and conventions, holding community outreach projects, providing mental and life skill programs that bring awareness, communication and solutions. 

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