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StayWhole Spirit Focused Programs

Creativity is good for the soul, self expression creates resiliency



Understanding that most information surrounding mental health that is publicized covers mostly research, illnesses, and statistics, not solutions.  We have created a blog featuring everyday people sharing their stories about mental health. In order to make a change and fight the stigma, we believe that sharing relatable stories that everyday people can relate to can be effective. Our blog in time will be made into a magazine that can then be placed in doctors’ offices, stores, and more. So far there are sections on athletes, the creative community, the lgbtq+ community, moms, and spiritual wellness

Podcast Network

We will have more podcasts as we grow within the community. 

Get On the Line Podcast: Combining sports and mental health into one, we have different guest speakers and cover topics pertaining to the athletic community. 

Soul Hustle Podcast:   Helping individuals find their “WHY” and passion for life is the main focus of this podcast. 


Albums and music that is created for our shows, podcasts, documentaries and different projects that are positive and show a representation of mental health journeys allow for creative expression to flow

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