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Jaitesha Hanson,MS

Born in Lexington, Ky, lived in Nagoya Japan, and now residing in Tampa,Florida. Jaitesha

Hanson attended the University of North Florida on a full-ride basketball scholarship where she

graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Holistic Health. She also

achieved a graduate certification in Sports Management.


“Tesh” is a former athlete that received several accolades over many years of playing

basketball. During her collegiate career, she became aware of athletes that suffer from mental

health on and off their perspective field/court. With that experience, she created a nonprofit

foundation called StayWhole and wrote a book called Unraveling: What Does Your Smile Hide?


Through Staywhole she has been able to work with athletes from all levels and sports and also has begun hosting events for an assortment of populations. She

offers guidance, mentorship, and encourages a positive outlook on their life. 


Jaitesha strives to be proactive through the journey of self-awareness to help the community,

athletes, adolescents and creatives by guiding them through mental health and it's many

components: anxiety, stress, self-esteem, physical, spiritual, and illnesses.


Currently, Tesh Hanson is a Registered Mental Health Counselor at Dr. Lake & Associates specializing in Expressive Therapy. 

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