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My name is Vasilis and I’m a pro basketball player playing for PAS Giannina located in Ioannina Greece. I was playing on a team when things weren’t really good and I had to return home. I was so depressed and kept everything to myself. So, I had taken a bad decision to stop playing basketball and I really did for six months. It’s not that I only wanted to stop playing, but neither watch it or train. I was completely out of it.

At this moment a really good friend of mine, who was also a former teammate, tried to speak with me and make me open up about my situation. And after his conversation with me, it made me realize that i’m really not alone and others are going through or have been through these situations too.

After I cleared my head, I made second thoughts about how I should be myself again and get back on track. I decided to start from the bottom and work my way back up! It was a fresh start and with a clear mind to get back to doing what I love. Now I am a pro athlete.

Being a pro athlete is not easy. Wanting to compete at the highest level you must be strong, humble, and hungry to succeed. You also have to be determined to do whatever it takes to stay at the highest level. In order to do that you must have the right mentality! Success is not only about winning games or trophies, It also about being healthy both in your mind and your body. Through my experience, I learned that you must have a balance between your personal life and your career. Try to decide what is good for you to keep going.

Communicate with your coach and teammates so they can help you get pass the difficult period your going through. I believe that communication is key to help you thrive through difficult times, so never keep things inside because you are not alone. “


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