Dark Moon in Virgo: Make Space for What You Desire

Friday, August 30, 2019

By Erica Brown

The dark moon is always an opportune time to release what no longer serves you. As someone who finds herself personally stressed and overwhelmed by the accumulation of stuff, this new moon has been empowering me to just clear the clutter in my life.

Right now we have the dark moon in Virgo opposing Neptune in its natural sign Pisces until 4:44 pm Saturday. When the moon switches signs to Libra it will be trining both Pluto and Pars Fortuna in Capricorn. While the energies still may express some tensions you can look to this transit to help you reap the benefits of your investments in yourself. We are preparing for our cosmic midterms while we get acclimated to our new environments. For our Swholemates moving through 9th house related things, this transit will make a lot of sense to you. For the rest of us, the stars have aligned for us to put in the work to get right and ready to thrive.

For this dark moon I found myself forced to clean up my social media, my contacts, emails, my living space and however daunting - my closet. Clearing as we know, is by far one of the best ways to realign and reassess what your true needs are. It is also an easy detox for the mind, body and spirit. We know it, but sometimes get overwhelmed by issues with time or with feelings of obligation to keep whatever or whomever is only making withdrawls and not deposits.

I share this to provide compassion to those of us who are hard on ourselves for never finding the time or the motivation to get these obstacles out of our way. It’s okay, and it’s probably not as bad as your inner critic might make it seem. The results of clearing what's draining or in the way is ten times more powerful that that.

Depending on where this Virgo stellium is transiting and what it aspects in your chart you might feel extra pressured, unsure, encouraged or inspired to shift. Whatever energy comes through for you this weekend is just asking for your attention, effort or involvement to let it leave. Truthfully, all this Virgo energy is doing the heavy labor already, you only need to participate.

The Advice Simplified

Align with your freedom. Face your inner critic; thank it for getting your attention and release it with grace.

With so many planets and stars mingling with Virgo, this is not a time to make emotionally based decisions that have a permanent impact. Don't quit on yourself, get organized and let the world around inspire you.

-erica @ericab.nyc, @byericabrown


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