December Forecast

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

by Astral Inanna

Happy Holidays Swholemates! We have A LOT to look forward to this month, and by a lot I mean: a lot of love, peace and most importantly REST. The cosmic dance has been as quick as a fox trot with no end. On November 29th, Neptune went direct providing the sense of stability and resolution to our psycho-spiritual faculties that we have needed since the summer retrogrades. I’m curious as to how you’ve all been feeling after the corporate holiday.

Mercury Retrograde is still in effect as “Retroshade.” Any technical glitches should not cause much alarm. Work through it knowing that the material realms will be following the cosmic cue to ‘chill out.’ This ends about December 7th.

Sunday, December 1st Sometimes you have to let someone else stand up for you. Sun in Scorpio sextile Juno in Virgo provides a calm and supportive comfort to those who may feel voiceless in the middle of the storm. This aspect allows for a neutralization and release of the negative through acceptance of its presence. I like the post on the Stay Whole magazine Instagram which says: “My demons won today.” It’s an image that has been with me personally for a while. Sometimes the battle is won by choosing not to fight. To disengage and focus on what matters most - you and your commitment to see yourself through. The effects of this aspect will last through December 10th.

Thursday, December 5th

Mercury enters Scorpio. Mercury joins a Scorpio stellium which contains a Sun - Pallas conjunction. This aspect prepares us for the Full Moon in Gemini on December 12th which will cumulate the work done through the Sagittarius stellium containing Ketu the South Node.

This would be an opportune time to revisit a strategy that is not based on personal philosophy alone. In the realm of finances: Capricorn is quite empty on the sidereal system, so there may be more effort required to tap into the sign’s wisdom around money and currency. For collective signs - Sagittarius and Pisces especially, this may provide a sense of relief from the restraining energies of capitalism. Right now we are experiencing the sense of awe that cannot be quantified; that comes through a hermit’s reflection.

For the rebel, the outcast, the black sheeps - Pluto in Sagittarius directs us to go within and assess our personal philosophies, how they may differ from the collective, society, our families. We may stumble across a new perspective that mitigates the pain of division and separateness. We are finding ways to be home within ourselves, honor our boundaries and connect with others. Everyone’s path is different. If you find yourself socializing with family, old friends, social scenes you once were repelled by don’t be surprised and try not to see it as a regression. Honor your process.

Listen: FKA Twigs - Home With You

Thursday, December 12th

Happy Full Moon in Gemini and Happy Chiron Direct! (Yeesh) The Moon pulls us out of the depths of the 9th house. If you are in school and going through or finishing a finals period, taking the weekend to celebrate or to cuddle up with a cup of tea is welcomed. As mentioned before, today will bring forth a culmination of the main thoughts, ideas and perspectives sustained under the Sagittarius stellium over the past few weeks. As we wrap up 2019, release whatever has been a weight or a philosophy that has created too much tension and extraneous headaches.

Sunday, December 15th

Venus enters Capricorn. About a week out from the winter solstice Venus brings us a fresh light into winter. Are you inspired? Venus spends about 3 weeks in each sign. Its overlay with transits with the Sun funnel our love of beauty and pleasure into neat compartments. It would be a good day to initiate making handmade gifts, cards and/or gift compliments. Elders and young ones always appreciate something made or spoken from the heart, regardless of your age.

Monday, December 16th The Sun enters Sidereal Sagittarius. Venus sextiles the Black Moon in Pisces. This energy is home to the rebel and the revolutionary. What “dark” visions do you have? Those forward thinking ideas that break the norm? What can you conceive for yourself in 2020 that breaks societal expectations? This is your moment to see the goal, you may see another.

Saturday, December 21st

Winter Solstice

Mercury conjunct Pallas in Scorpio. Draft your intentions. From now through January 1st is a good time to start picking out those new year resolutions. Venus in Capricorn sextiles Chiron in Pisces triggering reflection on the collective and your “part in it all.” Allow yourself to be an observer and to see the beauty in all things. Wednesday, December 25th

Mercury enters Sagittarius. Waning dark moon enters Sagittarius. Mars enters Scorpio and opposes Hygiea in Taurus. Chiron squares the entire Sagittarius stellium. In perfect timing for the holiday season, we will find it much more rewarding to create space to connect with ourselves, loved ones and potentially ancestors. Think on all the good of 2019, the growth you have accomplished. Indulge and enjoy in the pleasures that come from this holiday.

Thursday, December 26th Annular Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Venus sextiles Lilith. 2020 is filled with so much potential, so much possibility. Take this day to feel and to visualize your shift, your new reality. Create something beautiful and it will come back to you ten-fold. Push the envelope of your own expectations.

Sunday, December 29th Vesta stations direct. It becomes much easier to focus while our egos travel through the underworld for healing. If you are still setting your New Years resolutions be aware that Uranus trines Icarus today, effects lasting until the end of Uranus retrograde on January 10th. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you feel pulled to release some of the resolutions you’ve set during this time.

I am so excited for what 2020 is bringing for us. I wish all of you the best end of 2019 and a Happy New Year.

As always, Stay Whole.

—Inanna @staywholemagazine


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