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January was tough. We’ve had major energy shifts in the collective and have found ourselves dealing with somber themes of death, decay and war. We have been searching for new life to spring again, hoping for a sign. Last week Sunday, we lost two inspirational figures and gained two angels. Rest in power Gianna and Kobe Bryant.

We’ve been looking for answers, asking “why?”

We love and we live knowing that life goes on, energy never dies, death is not the end. Though we still mourn, and we may mourn for a while...in our mourning there is love.

February began with the moon in Aries conjunct Uranus, bringing our mental focus and forward thinking ideas to what brings new life and love to ourselves and the planet. Mercury has begun its journey to retrograde movement in Aquarius and Venus has moved into Pisces.

This month we experience an unfoldment of energies from the work we have done since the December eclipse.

We have sensually intense energies coming up this week with Venus in sextile with Saturn in Capricorn at 5:01pm EST Monday, February 3rd. This aspect produces a sort of religious conformity in the collective. The sadness and tensions produced by the Saturn - Pluto conjunction, has had many of us seeking comfort. Aspects with Vesta and Venus, make way for sacral chakra energies that may express itself as a desire to be intimate, in union with another. Mars aspects speak to a scarcity mindset when it comes to love. When mercury officially retrogrades on the 16th, we may experience separations, infidelities or a sudden change in a romantic relationship. Lilith would have moved into Sagittarius at 4:05am.

Asteroid Lilith, speaks to one’s potential, and with its mythological influence; making the “rebellious” choice to leave a partnership, romantic, work/business, etc that is not serving us. We might leave someone on read just “cause we felt like it.” Assessments will be taking place from now until the beginning of retrograde consciously and subconsciously. Venus ♓︎ sextile Hygiea ♉︎ and Mars ♏︎ trine Eris ♓︎ around the 5th and 6th suggest a clearing and cleansing of past entanglements and a weeding out of suitors. We are getting clear about what we desire in a relationship and are working towards self acceptance over projection.


February is always a bit difficult when it comes to love. The advice presented by the stars is to go within and connect to sacred pleasure. Pleasure can be experienced in the context of a sexual partnership. It can also express itself through the liberal arts, tantric yoga and meditation. Chiron ♓︎ sextile Ceres ♑︎ will initiate healing of wounds related to traditional relationship roles, and the challenges millennials and their parent generation have faced economically. This will be especially highlighted for Saturnians and those going through their Saturn return.

Speaking of Saturn...

On the 20th Jupiter ♐︎ sextiles Neptune ♒︎ which adds a feeling of indulgence and excess with the 🌘 Moon conjunct Saturn ♑︎ and Pluto on this day. We may find ourselves making non-essential purchases to satisfy a void or to escape a feeling of lack. A remedy for this is to get in touch with nature. This can be through a grounding meditation, nurturing a plant, visiting a garden. The key here is to see beyond the self, and to be aware of self created illusions. Mars conjunct the South Node in Sagittarius can either help one to resist the temptations offered by the North Node or encourage indulgence through rationalization of what is otherwise “ridiculous.”

On and after the 22nd, the astrological atmosphere becomes more firey with the Sun in sextile aspects with Uranus in Aries and Mars in Sagittarius. On the 28th, the moon and Venus will both be in Aries, setting the tone for the spring equinox, igniting our personal fires for the rest of 2020.

Look forward to the good that is coming, this is your moment to be the best version of you.

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With love and harmony,

Inanna 🤍


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