January Forecast

Happy New Year Swholemates 😌

It was very difficult to pick which transits to highlight this month. We have a lot going on between the 13th and the 23rd; stay tuned to the magazine’s Instagram for the weekly forecasts.

We start the new year with a first-quarter moon in Pisces. A week after the solar eclipse in Sagittarius we are adjusting to the gifts that December brought us; cleaning up the cobwebs in our self-love closets. Uranus ends its retrograde motion pulling us to initiate change or forward movement that we have avoided. In the master-builder year of 2020, we are encouraged as a collective to become steady in our work ethic and reliable to our word. It doesn’t matter how big or how small the task. Most importantly we are being invited to be honorable to ourselves.

The upcoming Saturn and Pluto conjunction on the 12th at the end of Sagittarius signals an ending of a karmic cycle as a new cycle begins. Many experiencing their Saturn returns may be feeling drawn to the depths of their current circumstances, measuring them against the expectations of their family values and society at large.

Eris, another under-worldly planet squares the Saturn - Pluto conjunction which will be receiving distant but firey fuel from the Sun on the 13th. We have themes around the oppression of the Divine feminine which was captured and suppressed by a patriarchal society and its persecutions of the marginalized. 3 days prior we will be just out of a lunar eclipse in Cancer** (exact at the end of Gemini.) The same day that Uranus goes Direct.

Transits with Venus overlay much of the activity around the eclipse, Pluto and Saturn. On the 26th Venus in Aquarius is challenged by Mars in Scorpio. We may find ourselves having to decide between love and lust, between unrequited love and the ‘risk’ of being alone. We might find ourselves asking if we have been overly generous. We might start rethinking our idea of love and how that is appropriately expressed, defined and received.


When Neptune conjuncts Venus on the 27th we may find ourselves comforted and given the space to cry out woes and emotions on the past that resurface. You are not misaligned with “2020” if you find yourself facing these wounds yet again. It’s part of the process of strengthening. You have to work your core. In the realms of e-motion, energy in motion we have to find the root ❤️ first. On the 30th Mercury will initiate the mental, communicative side of this healing and of course in perfect timing will be starting to slow himself down. We will have a shadow period beginning as the next Mercury retrograde starts on February 16th.

My advice? Start putting together your Valentine’s Day gifts and making your dinner reservations now. Know that we may find ourselves in or in the middle of emotional ties. If you’re single and starting something new or dating, be protective of your heart, and keep your options open. You might not have to fear any unwanted romantic dramas, but after the 10th it is more likely for someone’s romantic intentions to be unclear. Go with your intuition. Listen to what your body tells you.

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With love & harmony,

—Inanna 🤍


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