Jazmine Jones

Q & A with Jazmine Jones

Former Auburn University women’s basketball player

Fun Facts:

  • I used to ride horses before basketball.

  • I have a twin sister.

  • I can ride a unicycle!

How do you feel about mental health?

I think mental health is super important. Many people can see how you are on the outside but only a few know how you truly feel. That’s why it’s always important to be kind to people no matter what because you never know what they are dealing with.

Have you ever dealt with mental health/depression?

I haven’t personally but I know people who have while I was a student athlete.

Do you feel like mental health should be taken more seriously with student athletes? Why?

Absolutely. Everyone see’s the best side of being a student athlete which is the obvious stuff. Not everyone sees how much student athletes go through. Being away from family, balancing school and practice, and the ups and downs of the season takes a toll of players mentally. I think it’s important for players to have someone to talk to and to see how they are doing, not only physically but mentally.

What are you currently doing with you life??

I work for my dads business & I am getting into makeup artistry!


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