Updated: Nov 3, 2019

The astro forecast for the month by Astral Inanna.

The Fall is all about endings and preparation for renewal. For many of us, the darker half of the year can feel inauspicious, especially with intense transits of Mercury and the outer planets. With less light from the sun we are often called to turn inward and rekindle the warmth of connections dear to us. But as we‘ve observed so far in October, many of us are encouraged to find the strength to redefine the relationship(s) we have with ourselves. After all, much of our outer world reflects how we feel and honor ourselves.

On October 11th, Mercury started hinting at us that it was time to settle down and re-evaluate some things. Anything that we might have thought we buried within was surely reaped. Technological mishaps leading to that long overdue upgrade we needed, reconciliation with loved ones and past loves that still held energetic tension with our aura. Facing the often cold mirror of self-reflection and wondering when Keanu Reeves is gonna show up. Yeah, that’s mercury retrograde.

At least we don’t have any solar or lunar eclipses.

Summary: This month will feel like we are being pulled between two poles, are on a rollercoaster or that there are ”odds” against us. This is planetary energy, so plan your projects and your travel accordingly.

Your personal astrology always comes into play. This is not definitive as certain energies within you are able to be tapped into to push forward even when there is strong temptation to fade or hide from society.

Friday, November 1st

Uranus, planet of technology and advancement is felt more than ever during this mercurial spin. Uranus opposed Icarus, while Icarus sextiled the South Node.

It is likely that many felt sleep deprived or just generally off today, South Node Ketu in Sagittarius reigned in our pride and our tendencies to make mistakes, however possible. It was a “when things are not working right, the universe is trying to save your a$$” kind of day.

We needed the rest. Anxious feelings, stress, feelings of inadequacy are normal when trying to meet a deadline that the universe clearly doesn’t care about.

Your health is a priority. Hope the boss understands.

Monday, November 4th

Jupiter finally enters Sagittarius, it’s natural domain. Where Saturn Direct has pressured us to perform, Jupiter now provides some support. There are new ideas and new opportunities on the table if you can recognize them. Jupiter in Scorpio has created a year for the millennial generations around obtaining and sharing wealth. Money issues were heightened, especially those that arise in relationships. As tropical Scorpio season comes to a close, we are finding the strength to re-evaluate and maintain our abundance. Post recession many within our generation live paycheck to paycheck with friends, family or roommates we pray we get along with. Where Jupiter says “buy it you deserve it,” Scorpio has kept us in check under Saturn’s direction — often with harsh realities. Embrace the expansion coming your way to build a business, find soul empowering work or get that promotion. Jupiter is right, you do deserve it...just maintain the lessons of caution from the previous light.

Tuesday, November 12th

On this day we have another Full moon in Aries, which may mirror some of the themes of October’s Full moon. Tension between Uranus and the Sun are amplified by the moon which will oppose Mercury Rx. We have a desire to move forward. Pluto squares Mars and Jupiter squares Lilith. This may manifest as frustration over tasks which are normally simple, but are now requiring an added effort. Where there is resistance, find flow through it if you cannot get around perceived obstacles. Sunday, November 17th

The moon forms two kites with Saturn and Pluto at the launch. The Sun moves into Scorpio. The moon is conjunct the N.N. in Gemini. Expect that feedback that you have been waiting for. Be prepared, it may not be what you like and may reflect some of the inner knowing you have felt about your current direction. Mercury retrograde is likely to be felt intensely on this day so try to honor the new information knowing that in most cases you may be able to discard it. Sometimes we are tested on our commitment to ourselves and/or our dreams. Take it as strength training. You can always rebrand.

Sunday, November 24th

Pat yourself on the back for surviving another Mercury retrograde, but don’t celebrate just yet...the Shadow period is starting. Uranus in Aries inconjunct (quincux) the Sun in Scorpio and the Part of Fortune in Virgo brings forth a sense of cloudiness in the envisioning process. This would be a great time to brainstorm without the expectation of launching any new ideas right away. It is certainly annoying to feel like you’ve just been trudging through the mud, but you’re almost there — keep going. Mundane tasks may feel like an added drag but they must be done.

Saturday, November 30th

This day should feel lighter with more ease provided to our mental processes. Mercury in Libra conjunct the Sun in Scorpio brings us an air of clarity. The moon void of course in Sagittarius brings a meditative stillness preparing us for true hermit mode. The moon moves into Capricorn after spending time with Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto and the South Node in Sagittarius. We have remembered where we have come from, revealed to ourselves what must be addressed so that we can move forward with confidence.

A note on Retrograde...

All memories come up during this time. Take care of yourself and know that if you revisit the past it is to heal it. Stay close to your supports and always #StayWhole.

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