On the Horizon - Tuesday Oct. 1st

This post has been a bit difficult to write, and of course it was....we have transiting Pluto squared with Mars, Mercury, Venus and the Moon freshly in Scorpio. As Pluto retrograde comes to an end I have found myself drawn without a doubt to the sidereal system of astrology. This forecast is based on the sidereal positions alone.

On the Horizon

Today, October 1st

  • the Moon enters Scorpio at 9:40pm after a 20 minute void of course in Libra.

Thursday, October 3rd

  • Pluto turns direct at 3:04am.

  • Venus enters Libra at 7:43pm.

Friday, October 4th

  • Venus sextile Jupiter ends at 6:06am

Saturday, October 5th

  • First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius at 12:48pm

About Tuesday, October 15th

  • Mercury Retrograde Shadow Begins

October kicks off with a boost to our collective understanding of money and business with the current MC (Midheaven) in Capricorn. Transiting Chiron Rx (Retrograde) in Pisces brings our attention to the “old ways“ of the past, asking us to heal all wounds associated with incongruent systems to our changing world.

As Pluto prepares to station in Sagittarius we have observed the start of challenges to the American political system and a rise in the space provided for the voices of environmental activism. The ruling philosophies upon which our structures find their ground are being reviewed. At a quintile aspect to Chiron Rx, these changes - though powerful appear subtlety.

On a micro level we are each participating either in flow or with resistance to accepting personal responsibility for our environment (our living quarters, neighborhoods, ecosystem, economy) and our world. This week’s Venus sextile Jupiter reminds us of our value and supports us in knowing our worth and adding tax. On or about October 22nd, we could expect to feel propelled to share with the collective either in word or action, the benefits of our self actualization. As we grow closer to Mercury Retrograde on Halloween, we may feel a bit of tension in expressing ourselves. During this time we all benefit from advance preparation on projects, deadlines and daily meditation. Mercury Retrograde is great for the artist but a pain to the technician.

As we move forward through the darker half of the year, it is wise to place self care as a priority and to be aware but not consumed by the potential changes in the political system. Libra is most known for themes of balance within duality but also represents justice, the law, and governmental systems. When the Sun enters Libra on October 22nd at 3:32pm it will be square to Pluto, with Mars in Virgo square Saturn, the North and South Nodes. It is normal to feel a little clouded in direction. For Swholemates in midterms at this time, the pressure is on, don’t be afraid to minimize distractions and prioritize your sleep. You retain information best when you are not tired or drained.

The planets and minor bodies provide for us cosmic opportunities for growth and expansion. The word that keeps coming through for this season is “grounding.” Stay close to the routines that keep you tethered and safe as we move towards winter, the season of the Hermit.

Stay Tuned.

Stay Warm.

Stay Whole.

Peace. 🌌

—Inanna @astral.nyc


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