Our body has a soul... Or, as many spiritual teachings say - our soul has a body and each body has been chosen for a specific reason – your life path lessons and experiences.

Have you ever thought that your body is not quite right, or maybe that you really don’t like one or more parts of it? Have you ever compared yourself to others? Have you ever hated yourself for eating something you consider to be not good for you, but very tasty and immediately felt that you have gained several pounds? Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt shame?

I can raise my hand now, sitting on the first row – I have done that and you know what? Self nonacceptance is worse than betraying and stealing because actually you betray yourself and at the same time steal your energy.

Whatever your body is, you have chosen it, you have created it, so now it is time to take responsibility for it. People with disabilities will punch me saying they have never wanted their bodies… Really? Have you ever seen Melissa Stockwell or Terezinha Guilhermina? Have you ever heard Nick Vujicic? Do you remember who Peter Dinklage is? If your answer is “no”, here is your first greatest opportunity to take action and at least "ask Google" about these people. As soon as you do that, you will probably change your mind about your “ugly” body and get to the understanding that your body is your superpower – to show the difference, to teach the world that there are so many definitions of “beauty”, to prove to yourself that you can make it better. How? Start doing at least something, anything to embrace your body, to finally see your wonderful soul through it: go to #yoga, #CrossFit, organize a photo session, go to spa, make #healthy and #tasty #dinner, walk outside just for twenty minutes, do at least one little step and then out loud say how proud you are, how much you love yourself, whisper it till you can say it loudly, feel your tears, feel your body responding. Wherever you are, whatever your body is – be proud. You are unique, you are one of a kind. Self-love will open all the doors you need to get in. Be proud of your body and body will be proud of you.#beproudofyourbody


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