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This week on We Are Creators we are taking a dip back into the music industry and covering another known Tampa Hip Hop and R&B artist Peril Sensei. His hard-work and dedication does not go overlooked. From daily post on his story of his music videos and sharing links to his content, and from always being booked to perform at different locations throughout Florida. To say he is passionate about music would be an understatement. Peril Sensei, born and raised from Central Florida, Tampa, Florida, North East, Zone 5 to be exact. Has a large craving for music and creating a vibe to unify the universe one song at at time! His purpose is to walk you through different experiences, moods, lifestyles, and personal missions from his life journey that you could maybe relate to, or could learn something from.

Well Peril, we are sending love and light on your mission in creating unity and spreading good vibes across the world. We support you on your journey and thank you for sharing your thoughts with us on such an important topic! Hope you guys enjoy the Q&A and find a section that adds value and can help you in your mental health journey! Make sure to follow him on social media platforms listed below!

What’s your perspective on mental health?

My perspective on mental health is that it's not healthy and is a very unfortunate situation and mind state to be in. Growing up I had a friend that I played ball with who had a mental health illness. My mother worked in that field as well with mental health patients in my early childhood.

How do you feel your creative community is effected by mental health?


I don't feel like I get effected at all to be honest. If anything anxiety maybe effects me sometimes ,but everybody gets that in my opinion.

What are some things you do to stay balanced?

I meditate a lot. It calms me down, keeps me going, and keeps me focus. I'm always in the studio , that is my peace of mind, my second home. I go to the beach sometimes to kick it with the homies and check out the Florida water. Most Importantly I make time for family and my loved ones. Spending time with them is everything to me, that keeps me grounded."If you aint' cherishing your family, you aint livin'."

Get To Know Sensei

What are your interest?

I'm interested in art, every art form and aspect of it start to finish. The creativity, just the part of creating period is what I love most. Just one picture is worth a thousand words, that speaks for itself. I also like to get out a lot to do all natural life activities. The beach always is lit ,playing basketball with the homies, cookouts at the park, all of that I enjoy getting into.

Favorite sport?

Basketball, that has been apart of me since birth. No question, all my life that has been another outlet for me as well to express myself and show my talent on another level.

What's your favorite past time?

I'm always in the studio , that's home!

Peril Sensei

Tampa, FL

IG /Twitter/ Youtube :Peril Sensei

Hip Hop/ R&B Artist


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