Privilege and Inner Peace

Updated: Jan 18

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

by Inanna Astral

Light of the Moment : Leo - Virgo Stellium

This is my intention.

There is so much going on in the world alongside the expansion of our collective mind - also referred to as the ALL.

All around us is the diversity of thought, beliefs, goals and intentions; of genetic and phenotypic expression.

We exist in an age that is transitioning from rigid structures and ideals into one of more inclusion, fluidity and creativity. Some call this time the Age of Aquarius, and there are numerous debates on when it actually started.

All around the world, is chaos and confusion as well as wealth and clarity. There is disease and there is ease, and the states that are in between. There are opportunities for all experiences but they appear to be stratified against the old systems of discrimination based on some surface level defining trait. It’s all caught up in illusion.

I, Inanna, am on a personal journey to figuring this inequity out as well as addressing my personal contribution to the systems causing the most suffering across the world. I write this only because this direction may be a present theme in my work at StayWhole.

I have often been triggered by the things I observed / the patterns that make themselves known to me. It is my intention to bring messages of healing that provide access to inner peace; that support the connection of the readers of this section to their highest selves.

This astrology section will serve to give you a glimpse of the energies coming in through the seasons and will expand over time. I am so honored to share a growing love and to dive into these deep ends.

What can we expect?

Honestly, anything. I’m an artist as well with a Saturn in Aquarius - Pisces. I’ll explain what this shorthand means in another post.

I’ll do my best to stay within a reasonable structure, but I love to rebel.

I’m looking forward to it.

Stay Tuned.

Stay Whole.

Peace. 🌌🦋🌎

—Inanna Astral

Updated: January 2020


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