THE PPD CHRONICLES- Part 3: Overcoming my PPD.

So I have talked about my realization of my PPD and I have talked about how it affected my marriage. So now I kind of just want to touch on how I overcame my PPD. My battle with PPD will never be the same battle as yours. How I overcame my PPD may help you but not help others. We are all different, experience things differently and have different triggers. So this is my fair warning to you that just because it worked for me does not mean it will work for you.

So my first step in my healing process was realizing that I was even going thru PPD. I know it is cliché as hell to say but I am going to say it anyways, “The first step is admitting.” How can you fix a problem if you haven’t realized and accepted that there is a problem? You cannot fix something that you aren’t aware of. So if you feel like you may be going thru PPD, I would encourage you to reach out to your doctor or just do some research about it in general.

The second step into my healing process was going to my doctor and discussing my options with her. The first time I went thru PPD I refused antidepressants because I just didn’t know that much about them and with what I did know it was only bad things. The second time around I could tell that this time was worse than before so I told my doctor that I needed something to help take the “edge” off. I had always felt like I was on a ledge and I felt like I could never get anything done. I felt like I hated myself while trying to trick myself into thinking I loved myself. I was a mess and I was all over the place and I needed something that would just calm my inner thoughts. So my doctor prescribed me antidepressant that also helped with anxiety.

The third step to healing was counseling. So my job (Kentucky State University) has a program that will basically pay for 3 counseling sessions. So I decided that I would take advantage of that benefit. The first therapist that I had seen……… let’s just say that she didn’t work out. I cannot stress enough to you the importance of feeling a good vibe and connection with your therapist. So the second woman that I had went and seen was AMAZING. Her name is Laura best and she practices out of Frankfort, KY. I mean this woman seriously understood me. She always made sure to validate my feelings and make me feel like I am in fact not crazy. She didn’t just point out issues. She would help me talk thru it and while talking I would always figure out the problem. She helped me realize what would trigger an anxiety attack or a depressive episode. I encourage you to figure out what triggers your depressive moods. Find those triggers and work on overcoming them.

One thing that I absolutely love is that she made sure I realized how important MY diet and daily activity plays a role in MY mood. Once we talked about that I started to eat better and I started to work out 4 to 5 days out of the week. My body started to change, my mind started to change, and my mood started to change. When my body was feeling good, my mood was good. When I ate junk, my body felt like junk and my mood was junk. SO FOR ME, my mental health started to change when my physical health changed. One of my biggest issues in my PPD was my appearance. I didn’t feel beautiful nor did I feel sexy. I didn’t accept my body for what it was. I am 100% sure that is the issue with a lot of other mothers. Trying to feel and look like your old self.

Once I realized and accepted the fact that I will never look how I used to look, that’s when things started changing for me. Although I did and still do have insecurities, I do not let those insecurities limit me. Did I love my stretch marks?? Absolutely not, buttttt I decided that I would no longer hide them or cover them up. Did I like the cellulite in my legs?? Heckkkkk no, but I was still going to wear my little short shorts. I realized that despite my insecurities, I AM BEAUTIFUL and I AM SEXY!

I know that a lot of people say that you have to learn to love your new mommy body but that for sure takes time. I believe that you have to learn to keep living despite the insecurities that have come with your new body. You will get to the point where you love yourself again, but in the mean time you have to keep living despite the lack of self-love. I know that is 100% easier said than done but it is doable.

Reflecting back, I think that the biggest thing that helped ME was taking back control of my health. Controlling what I put into my body. It is about consistency and not perfection. Consistently work on YOU. Take the good days for what they are and accept the bad days for bad days. With all that being said I really hope that this has or eventually with time help you.

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As always,

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