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During the creative process of doing write ups for our magazine we often take the information gathered and adjust it. Make it in to a Q & A or what ever fits the energy of the person we are sharing, but after hearing Latika Yarns mental health journey and seeing the strong, creative, empowered woman she had became. This story needs nothing! All it needs are your eyes, and her words will guide you through the rest.

The fact that becoming a nail technician was never on her path would never occur to you. Just from a glance of all the work she has done and the many designs that she SLAYS!! You would've never known this wasn't her passion or something she had done her whole life. She is the perfect example of letting go & being guided by faith!

Latika, yes. This is corny.. But you have absolutely NAILED IT!! You have nailed self-love, empowerment, guidance, having faith, not allowing your past to define you, and being a service to others!!

Her journey was a tough one and the StayWhole Crew wants to thank her for sharing her truth in order to help someone else that may be in a similar scenario. There is so much value that can be added to your life just by reading her journey. We hope you guys enjoy and take away at least one thing that can help you get closer to where you want to be and who you want to be.

We Are Creatives

For years I struggled with figuring out my purpose and at one point questioned God because I wasn’t sure what I was suppose to be doing in life. I went through several phases in my life from the time I graduated high school, til now. Though I didn’t understand then, I do understand now.

"My past has not defined me, destroyed me, deterred me, or defeated me; it has strengthened me"

I was lost and I always felt like something was always going wrong for me. I couldn’t keep a job and when I wasn’t doing that I was drowning my problems away with alcohol. It wasn’t until August 14, 2016 I was involved in a accident that changed my life. At that very moment it was confirmed to me that I had a purpose here on earth. I had this sudden urge to do something and somehow it was nails that found me. Signed up and started nail school that following week. Fast forward to July 2018 I suffered with a lost of my first and only child. I then suffered from postpartum depression, extreme anxiety, suicidal thoughts as well going into a very deep depression. At that same time I had to find strength to let go of a 7+ year toxic and abusive relationship that I felt very comfortable in. I thought I would never get out of that space in my life. Fast forward to Spring of 2019 I started finding myself again. I finally let go of my past and decided that I no longer wanted to live that toxic life anymore. My first step was getting closer with God and putting myself first. The vision started to become much clearer.

Art is something that has always been apart of me. Ever since a young age I can remember drawing on everything. Anything that had to do with painting, sculpting, drawing, music etc. It was all relaxing to me and still is til this day. It’s an escape for me and a way for me to express myself. I never thought I would be doing nails a day in my life but God found a way to give me a talent that turned into a passion. I love what I do and I’m grateful that I’m able to be my creative self. I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. While doing nails I feel like I get to help other women, young women especially that may have gone or going through the same thing. I like to call my space a safe haven for those who just need to release. I understand that we may have those days where we just need someone to listen to or laugh with. I’m so grateful for those who are comfortable enough to talk to me when they need to. That’s what keeps me going!

Mental Health vs Culture

I think that mental health is very important, especially in the black community. You never hear a lot of people speak on their mental problems. When we do, we get called crazy or ignored. I think we as a society need to be more caring for others and what others may be dealing with. People need to know that it is OK to speak about your problems. I think we should take the time out to listen to others when they need someone to talk to as well. There are so many ways that people cry out for help. Majority of the time they are not going to ask for it. I myself have been through this. There was a point of time that I felt like I couldn’t reach out to anyone without them thinking I was crazy or simply because I felt they didn’t understand. And that’s where the suicidal thoughts would kick in. I just had to keep fighting it because I knew that wasn’t going to be my way out. I can relate to those who are afraid to speak up or to some who may not talk to anyone. We have to do better at helping one another. Don't be afraid to ask someone if they’re ok. Or how they’re feeling today? You never know who you are able to help.

Self Love is Self Care

My journey hasn’t been easy but first thing was admitting that I needed some help. Talking to someone, or even a therapist is always helpful. I started my other business as well which was becoming a health/wellness coach. Getting back into the fitness I started getting hipped on “personal development.” Before I start and end my day I do 30 minutes of pd. I listen to spiritual development, motivational videos, etc. Something positive to get my day started and something positive to end my day. Another form of release is journaling. Coming from someone who doesn’t like to talk all the time, I do find comfort in journaling. Also before I go to bed I like to write out on a piece of paper things that may be bothering me or that I want to let go of, tear it up and throw it away. I like to listen to lots of audio books, or podcast instead of music sometimes so that I can continue growing my mindset because what you hear does come out of your mouth. Remember, you want to be sure you are speaking positive!!

Try a “no music challenge” , that’s how I started. Writing out affirmations is very helpful. You can write them down on a poster, your mirror, anywhere. Or like me keep it on a note card in your car. Every morning repeat them out loud. I do this as soon as I get up. It’s important that you speak positivity into your life. You are who you say you are. If saying it in the mirror makes you feel better, do that too! I make sure that I am taking care of myself physically. You can catch me in the gym when I’m not working. It’s a great way to release.

I go by these two sayings, “change your minds set, change your life.” & “how you do anything is how you do everything” I live by that. I believe that we have the power to change the way we think, we have the power to shift our mindset and become this great person we are all destined to to be. We have to be willing to change our old habits, and sometimes our surroundings. Most importantly pray and meditate. Make sure you spend time with yourself, figure yourself out, and love on yourself. No one can love you better than you!

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