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"Be Inspired" is an idea ex-college hooper of the University of Auburn Brandy Montgomery (23) and Florida Native came up with. She is now playing professional basketball overseas and wants to use her college experiences to help others. Her passion for mental health among athletes has lead her to partner with StayWhole's athletic division to help give a voice to the athletes. This column will have Q&A's with different athletes, inspirational tips, videos, and more! 

Be Inspired 

Brandy Montgomery

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Erica is a Poet. Becoming Astrologer, Author, and Visual Artist. She is an observer of the supraliminal All and seeking to embrace oneness. erica is shifting into a paradigm of true health after years of battling a mysterious - still unresolvable by western medicine - condition. erica empowers others through honest discussion over topics that exist outside of the margins of society’s wishful thinking. erica integrates spiritual medicine, earth medicine and indigenous shamanic perspective to nurture her own cycles and waves and hopes to one day be learned enough and certified to offer an alternative healing space for those existing at the liminal. 


She is a proponent of self-advocacy for mental health care and believes in informed consent for mental health management, especially for populations that are most exposed to discrimination and medical bias.


What you can expect:

Spiritually guided content with the range of spiritual tools addressed and integrated. Consideration for various belief systems, faiths and preferences. Honesty, when erica is in her own cycle and wave. Openness, if her perspective or approach is questioned. 


You can find her professionally @byericabrown on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram and via the StayWhole accounts




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Elisa Cabrera is a 28-year-old Cuban American who suffered from depression and anxiety for too long without even knowing what was wrong.  She believes mental health is a never-ending journey, but the journey can be made easier with the right tools and help. 

"Art & the LGBTQ+ community - I LOVE art & how so much can be said with a simple brush stroke. Art is healing and such a great way to help with mental health. I am going to marry my partner of 10 years in January 2020, so when we first started dating - marriage wasn’t an option, many people of the LGBTQ+ community suffer terribly with mental health issues simply due to the fact that many people (like myself) were raised to believe that queer is wrong. I want to help break the stigma with mental health issues, as well as be a voice for those silently suffering. "

People Are People



I have many ways of expressing myself in order to remain whole. I believe that through creative outlets we are able to find ourselves as well as heal and balance mental health. This section gives the creative community a platform to share their passion and speak on the challenges they face with balancing mental health.

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