What's Going On With StayWhole?

StayWhole Founder Gets Recognized by Almer Mater 

Fitness can have a great impact not just on one’s overall physical health, but on one’s ability to manage their mental health.....

New Logo

StayWhole makes us think of a circle, but a circle is too perfect. So the different spirals all coming into one is showing how although we have imperfections and different things we struggle with, we can still remain whole...

Bay News 9

Founder Jaitesha Hanson gets interviewed by Spectrum News reporter Katherine Smith about StayWhole. 


StayWhole’s founder __jjaneen being inte

Founder Gets The Spotlight

Jaitesha Hanson, UNF Alumna talks about the memories of her UNF basketball career, the books she is writing, and of course StayWhole.